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    As a leading regional law firm, we have earned the trust of the people of Southern Oregon.

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    Areas of Practice

    The attorneys of Davis, Freudenberg, Day & Galli handle matters including complex civil litigation in the courts of Southern Oregon, serious personal injury and disability claims, simple and complex estate planning, elder law, business organization and transactions, social security disability claims and family law. We also have extensive experience in real estate transactions and disputes, construction matters, administrative law and criminal defense both felonies and misdemeanors. With our many years of experience, if we don’t have the expertise to handle a client’s specific problem, our excellent relationships with lawyers up and down the West Coast allow us to bring in the necessary help for our clients.


    Our lawyers spend the time necessary to do the job right, for fees that ordinary people can afford. Our lawyers stake their reputations for success on the recommendations of clients, friends and other lawyers whose respect we have earned.


    The solutions to our clients’ problems may come through discussion, wise counsel or professional negotiation. Or skilled document preparation to create a new business or estate plan. Often our clients have disputes with insurance companies over serious personal injury claims. Or need assistance with family law matters such as divorce, child custody and support. Our clients benefit from our seasoned courtroom lawyers who have a long history of success. From our offices across the street from the courthouse our access to the courtrooms of Josephine County is unrivaled.

    Individual Attention

    Our firm’s informality, friendly staff, and flexibility allow us to give individual attention to the unique needs of all our clients. In a serious injury claim we may intervene when an aggressive medical bill collector adds insult to a client’s injury. Or we will help a family’s elder who needs a home visit to a nursing home to help protect and guide her. We are proud of our work for the many clients whose families we’ve been assisting for generations and whom we count as friends.


    We realize a law firm is more than just practicing law. We are proud to make Southern Oregon our home.

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